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How to Build Diverse Teams

Sep 11th, 2019 | Jason Thompson
An Interview with Jason Thompson and Andrea Perdomo

Building a Compensation Philosophy

Aug 28th, 2019 | Sabrina Kelly

Sabrina Kelly helps you understand why setting a compensation philosophy allows for transparency and increased trust with your employees.

Missed the Compensation AMA? Here Are Our Top 3 Takeaways

Sep 4th, 2019 | Techstars Interview with Katelyn Dennis

How founders can leverage the Venture Capital Executive Compensation Survey data to optimize their compensation strategy.

Hiring 101: Defining Values and Making Your First Hires

Aug 13th, 2019 | Sabrina Kelly

Three tips to successfully find, interview and hire your first employees.

Sabrina Kelly, Techstars VP of Talent and former VP of People Ops, answers your People Ops questions

Pranav Ahuja on how to build your company culture—and why you should do so right from the start

The pros, the cons, and the best practices for building a distributed team.

5 Ways to Hack Your Network to Hire: Fletcher Richman will transform how you recruit

Jul 8th, 2019 | Techstars interview with Fletcher Richman

Your network is your best source of great talent. But you have to know how to find it.

You need more great leaders to make your startup thrive. Here’s how to set yourself up for executive hiring success.

Understanding how you and your team communicate can be critical to your success — especially as a distributed company.

Making Your Next Hire

Jul 7th, 2019 | Jay Batson

How to modify your hiring process to make the right hires consistently.

Finding an untapped talent pool can be the secret to your hiring success.

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